Monday, January 02, 2006

What's up with this muchohucho thing?

Its one of those creations where you had to have been there to fully appreciate. I owe this to my good friend Rene Limeres, guide extraordinaire and Significant Other, none other than Suzanne Hayes. Sometimes we like to get together and drink beer. He has great parties, complete with BBQ, bana, and of course, lots of beer. My first of five fishing trips to Russia was in 1992, organized by good friend Goo Vogt and Rene. We fished for and caught lots of Taimen Hucho taimen, many taimen, or as Susie would say in fact "mucho" taimen, hence mucho hucho. Taimen are the most fascinating fish in the world, as far as I am concerned. Rene has authored the most complete book on fishing Alaska, which I contributed to. Planning a fishing trip to Alaska? Buy the book "ALASKA FISHING" at
but first check out Rene's Ultimate Rivers site: Yes, this is unabashed advertising solely on my part.

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Unknown said...

Ah yes. Finally it all makes sense! Where's the dip recipe??