Saturday, June 30, 2007

Update on the Forester

A few things about the new forester since purchasing. To date I have put about 8,000 miles on it. Overall, its been a good (not great) ride. Despite what I said in my first post, I think I'd go back to a manual trans. Autos still just don't cut it for me. My biggest complaint being hesitation from time of accelerator depression to time of car actually responding. Too much thinking goes on. First the engine revs, speed actually drops, then the transmission decides it should downshift then the car resonds by accelerating until it thinks its time to upshift again. Anyway this whole business takes awhile, its not instantaneous, I find it to be annoying. It is nice however, having a car that can zip up from 65 to 80 in seconds, this just levels the playing field on the highway. Not that I like to or try to go at those speeds but when you have to manage your position on the highway when the common speed is 70-75 this helps. I prefer to sit in the right lane at 65, on cruise control. I/ve never had cruise and I like it a lot, when I can use it. Which brings me to another minor annoyanc, after awhile it is downright uncomfortable to drive! The position of the gas pedal and its light tension (can't "rest" my foot on it), and the driver's seat itselt cause pain. I've solved most of the seat pain by putting a small thermarest pad behind my back and butt. But this does raise me up a bit more than I'd like. This winter will be the true verdict though, and main reason why I went with Subaru, I should be able to 'own the road' with this AWD, and have the high safety factor. We'll see. Gas mileage has be very good, right on the factory specs, averaging 28-29 mpg with mostly highway and some city driving. Except for the auto transmission quirks and the longterm driving uncomfort, it handles very well, and is nice to drive, I especially like the visibility.