Saturday, January 05, 2008

Haaka Heaven & Happy New Year

So 2008 it be, and I with not a whole lot to say these days, wish all friends and family a warm Happy New Year. This winter has been one of the mildest I've experienced. I caught my last fish of the year, a grayling, on November 4 in Willow Creek. My buddy Rene that day landed a nice 24" rainbow pictured here. We've had only a bit of snow, less than a foot total and the roads have been pretty much bare pavement. Temperatures, until lately have been high 20s, 30s, a few 40s here and there. I actually picked some kale out of the garden a week before Thanksgiving, which is just weird, really weird. WE have only "shoveled" hand plowed really, the driveway twice. There have been a few days that put the Haakapeliitas (tyres) to somewhat of a test, all I can say is holy cow, winter is irrelevant. These Haakas grab the road, end of story. My stress levels winter driving have been reduced by at least half. I still have a hard time dealing with the a-holes, and the idiots, and what really drives me nuts are the head lights and the darkness, and for some reason people, especially dumb dodge drivers insist on leaving their fog lights on when its not foggy. I don't get it. Hey, if its not foggy, turn your fog lights off! So now we are getting well over a minute of daylight gain per day, and that will accelerate from here on until sometime in June I think when the gain coasts down to its solstice peak, and then summer is half over and we can whine, and look forward to hunting season, then freezing season, and then the next 6 months of winter. I have to admit, the cycle is making me a bit dizzy. Next stop Australia: Tasmania & Sydney for the month of February. Will try to update the site in situ.