Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Brain On Pizza

I've re-connected with Pizza. I fondly remember being taken to Pepe's in New Haven during my inaugural trip to my Dad's homeland in 1969. I was 7 years old at the time, but already a pretty darn good pizza eater. So I'm told.

Since that early rearing imprint, I had since been to Pepe's maybe once or twice, and to the spin offs, Bimonte's and Sally's. Back to California where I spent my first 23 years of life, and where there was never any good pizza. No where but New Haven and the surrounding hamlets (Hamden, Branford, North Haven, etc.), is there any pizza worth a grain of semolina. That was and for the most part, still is a fact. If you were reared on New Haven style pizza that is. But with the rise of the Boomers, and their decadent if not hedonistic search for up-man's-ship, and multitude of ways to spend their new wealth, a new pizza 'movement' has settle in west. Pizzas have gotten better. Of course, a number of entrepreneur types have gotten rich off pizza whether good or bad, for a long time. But pizza meets west coast tastes, meets the new millennium, and its a new ballgame. There are numerous websites, books, magazine articles, and pizza wonks dedicated to finding pizza nirvana.