Sunday, November 18, 2007

Haaka What?!

Haakapeliita, are undoubtedly the safest winter tires (tyres) in the world for driving in the northern climate. Developed in Finland by Nokian Tyres, Inc., these top of the line tires were my latest splurge and addition to the new Forester. With winter season well underway, my oil royalty check (AK PFD) recently direct deposited, I figured that at least once in my life I might as well get the best of something that money can buy. These are it, and a serious chunk of change. After nearly missing my turns, even with ABS, on a couple of occasions I decided it was time. Besides I need all the help and piece of mind I can get dealing with my 100 mile round trip commute in the winter. With all the wack joes that insist on pushing the physical limits of speed on ice, I also figured I would at the very least be on a level playing field, equipment wise. Maybe not skill or fear wise, but certainly I got the goods to play. Now I just got to make sure I don't get too over confident and end up being an embarassed ditch diver or worse. I will try to provide an update on my personal experience with these tyres' performance in the upcoming months.

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